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Cutting Edge, Comprehensive, yet Simple to Use Web
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Manage Relationships and Communicate Effectively with
Existing and Potential Customers and Maximise the
Potential to Sell your Products and Services.

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Product Highlights

FREE Mobile App

A feature rich interface with real time access to your data for updates on the go. Available FREE from the App Store & Google Play.


Entirely Customisable

Tailor the system without limitation to suit your specific requirements and to match your exact business style and processes.

Business Process Management Tools

Utilise Workflows and System Jobs to automate your business processes without a single click bringing huge efficiencies, returns on investment and ensuring adherence to your specific processes.

Social Media Integration

Easily connect with customers & monitor competitors. Search & associate to records, like, post, follow and tweet - all from one platform.

MS Outlook® Connector

Synchronisation with MS Outlook®  for managing contacts, emails, events & tasks.

State-of-the-art Datacentre Facilities

UK based, owned and managed by us at the highest technological level and mirrored in real time across multiple locations for the ultimate protection and security of your data.

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